Threesome Dreams

18+ only NSFW

I'm a college student living on the East coast that fantasizes about sharing my girlfriend of 3 years with other guys. I'm not bisexual or into cuckolding/humiliation I simply just want to see my girlfriend shared.

We've been talking about a threesome for a while now, it started out as drunk dirty talk but has escalated into a major fantasy for both of us. We have gotten close a few times but things just didn't work out, however we still remain optimistic and confident that a threesome will eventually happen.

*We are not interested in finding partners through this blog*


Have you guys played with dildo, role playing while fucking ur gf? Imagining it as a second cock, or is ur fantasy to watch ur girl get banged from a distance...
by Anonymous

We have! We have a dildo and a vibrator we like to play with. One of my favorite things to do is to stick the dildo to the wall and have my girlfriend fuck it while she sucks me off. It’s so hot hearing her moan on my cock.