Threesome Dreams

18+ only NSFW

I'm a college student living on the East coast that fantasizes about sharing my girlfriend of 3 years with other guys. I'm not bisexual or into cuckolding/humiliation I simply just want to see my girlfriend shared.

We've been talking about a threesome for a while now, it started out as drunk dirty talk but has escalated into a major fantasy for both of us. We have gotten close a few times but things just didn't work out, however we still remain optimistic and confident that a threesome will eventually happen.

*We are not interested in finding partners through this blog*


When r u guys coming to Miami?

We’re actually planning to go to Miami next summer!

how do u find people who want to play?

Ehh we kind of don’t, we never really go out and actively look for a guy to join us. We’re more into just kind of waiting for the right guy to meet us naturally as a couple and all that jazz. 

Hot blog!!! Xo Liz

Thanks! Love yours too!